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Spartacote Products

Spartacote is a patented world-class polyaspartic coating technology unlike any other coating on the market today. Its fast-cure polyaspartic coatings are a new generation of optically clear, abrasion-resistant, non-yellowing polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea sealers and pigmented coatings that require an easy 1-day a...


CDCLarue has been blazing the frontiers of Vacuum and Dust Extraction with their innovative line of Pulse-Bac vacuums since 2003. Pulse-Bac’s innovative products will help to make jobs healthier, and easier to perform, keeping the user within government regulations, while delivering greater productivity, lower...

Diamond Grinding

We supply high-performance diamond tools for cutting and drilling in reinforced concrete, asphalt, stone, masonry and other hard construction materials. The tools we have provide the user with maximum productivity, including saw blades, drill bits, wires, grinding tools and more.

Hand Grinders

Dust Shrouds

We supply a variety of dust shrouds used on angle grinders and other types of tools used to cut, grind or sand. The purpose of a dust shroud is to prolong the life of your tools by preventing dust and debris from reaching the motors and gears, while also reducing exposure to dangerous debris, crystalline silica, ...

Broadcast Media

We provide a wide range of broadcast media to match your preference and decor. Choose from our colorful selection of vinyl or mica chips, as well as blended quartz. Additives can also be selected if you prefer a floor system with extra traction.

Tools & Supplies

Innovative Floor Coatings has what you need to succeed on the job site. Here you will find a variety of tools and supplies to assist you with product application, efficiency, and safety.

Auto Care Products

Auto Care Products provides easy to install, durable products for the garage to keep your floor, and your vehicle in top condition.

Training Classes

Innovative Floor Coatings offers hands-on training classes at our location in New Port Richey, Florida. These classes are conducted by industry leaders and experts with decades of experience in the field. Gain the education you need to elevate your business above the competition by registering for our available clas...


Polyaspartic provides excellent durability and protection, and does not fade under prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is a fast-setting material that can be used for high quality 1-day installs on most garage floors. Browse our selection today.


Choose from our selection of high quality, and high performance epoxy coating material.


Innovative Floor Coatings offers high-end equipment for completing floor installations efficiently and effectively. Browse our selection, and find products that will make your jobs easier without sacrificing quality.


A collection of all products offered by Innovative Floor Coatings.


We have not only compiled the best product for your business, we have also compiled the best training to make you successful. When you do business with Innovative Floor Coatings you get all the training and support you need to deliver a great product and do so in the most efficient and profitable way. We understa...


Innovative Floor Coatings supplies high quality products manufactured by concrete coating experts with decades of experience. Here you can find our most trusted brands.